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New and Improved Training Approval System Coming in 2017

The Nevada Registry is already gearing up for 2017! 
We have been hard at work evaluating the current requirements for our training approval system, and are planning to roll out enhancements in 2017. These changes may include different ways to qualify trainers providing training to the early childhood education community. As we explore these updates and make decisions about how to move forward, we know how important it is to collect information and feedback from our most valuable resource: our trainer community.
As part of our discovery we partnered with KPS3, a research firm based in Reno. KPS3 conducted one-on-one interviews with a smaller group of trainers to learn more about their thoughts on upcoming changes and enhancements to the training and approval system. Through the interviews we gained valuable insight on what is working well and what The Nevada Registry can improve upon. We will be using the feedback and insights to help shape our decisions.
Keep your eyes open over the next few months to learn more about the upcoming changes and enhancements to our training approval system as well as for opportunities to provide input!

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