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TAS Advisory Workgroup Update - August 2017

The first meeting of the Training Approval System (TAS) Advisory Workgroup was held on August 3, 2017. The intent of the first meeting was to orient members to a specific body of work designed to further develop the training approval system. To provide context, Shelly Nye provided a history of the development of trainer criteria since 2004, reviewed the guiding principles that have served as a foundation for this work and reviewed the scope of work. Three tasks (in order of priority) were identified: 1.) Clarifying the requalification requirement to deliver 4 public trainings in the previous 12 months; 2.) Defining the 15 hours of continuing education required for requalification, and 3.) Developing ways for individuals without the 15 hours of previous experience delivering training to initially qualify to become a trainer (which will likely include a mentoring/coaching component).

Work on the identified tasks will begin at the next meeting in September with the goal of completing all three tasks/priorities by the end of the 2017 calendar year. Approved trainers are encouraged to frequently check the Blog and For Trainers pages of the Registry website for updates and new developments in these areas.