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Important Change to Topic Trainer Criteria

As of May 2018, the minimum educational standard for Topic Trainer approval has been increased from a high school diploma to an Associate’s degree. This change aligns the approval criteria for Topic Trainers with the minimum educational criteria for Early Childhood Trainers and was made in cooperation with the TAS Advisory Workgroup.

What this means is that individuals applying for Topic Trainer approval for the first time as of May 2018 and beyond, must now show evidence of having earned an Associate’s degree (and meet all other established criteria) in order to initially qualify. Topic Trainers approved prior to May 2018 who do not possess an Associate’s degree or higher will be “grandfathered” into the training approval system and will remain eligible to apply for trainer requalification on an annual basis through the 2021 calendar year. However, beginning in January 2022, the minimum educational standard for Topic Trainer requalification for previously approved trainers will be an Associate’s degree. Topic trainers who do not meet the minimum educational requirement as of January 2022 will no longer be eligible to apply for trainer approval/requalification with The Nevada Registry, regardless of previous trainer approval status.