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Applying to the Registry for Career Ladder Placement

Membership with The Nevada Registry is open to all Early Care and Education (ECE) professionals regardless of role or setting. This includes anyone working with children and families (both directly and indirectly) in a variety of settings (Center-Based, Family Child Care, Head Start, State-Funded Pre-K, Tribal Child Care, Out-of-School, etc.) and applies to professionals who are new to the field as much as to those who have served children and families for many years.


Becoming a Member for the First Time

The Membership Application is completed the first time you apply to The Nevada Registry for Career Ladder placement. After your application is processed, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement stating your level on the Career Ladder based on your documented formal education and experience (up to 4000 hours). Your certificate will expire on a yearly basis. Use the Career Ladder Placement Checklist at the back of the Membership Application to help ensure that your application is complete when submitted (incomplete applications will be recycled after a period of time has passed).


Career Development Files

When you join the Registry, a confidential Career Development File is created on your behalf. Your Career Development File* contains:

  • Information from your initial application (home address, etc.)
  • A record of your current and previous employment
  • Copies of your background check and TB Test results (applies to anyone working in a licensed child care setting)
  • Copies of the initial training requirements required by licensing such as Signs and Symptoms of Illness, CPR, etc. (applies to anyone working in a licensed child care setting)
  • Copies of training certificates received for informal, non-college workshops taken (i.e. the training that is required by licensing on an annual basis). The Nevada Registry verifies and saves formal education and training as far back as possible. Submit all of the training certificates you have accumulated throughout your entire career for the most complete record of your professional development.
  • Copies of your professional contributions (optional)
  • Copies of formal education records (high school diploma/GED, college and university course transcripts and/or degrees earned)
  • Copies of any ECE licenses, teaching certificates or endorsements received
  • Copies of any other miscellaneous documentation provided at time of application (resumes, letters of recommendation, etc.)
  • Current level held on the Nevada Early Care and Education Professional Career Ladder
* One of the primary purposes of a Registry is to help collect valuable data about the ECE workforce in Nevada. It is important to note that none of the information collected through the application/renewal process (i.e., the information contained in your Career Development File) is ever disclosed with any identifying information attached. Any data that the Registry provides to the community is combined in order to report on large groups of people, rather than on any individual member. This and ALL other information contained in your Career Development File is confidential. View our Program Statistics page to see how the data collected by the Registry is reported.


Renewing/Updating Your Career Development File 

Membership with the Registry is renewed on an annual basis prior to the date that your Certificate of Achievement expires. An Update/Renewal Form will be sent to you via email* reminding you to renew approximately 4-6 weeks prior to your certificate expiration date. For this reason, it's imperative that a current email address is always on file with the Registry. If your email address changes between renewal dates, please notify our office by calling 800-259-1906 or by submitting the change via the  Contact Form on our website. 

There is no fee to renew on time. However, a $25 reinstatement fee is imposed on renewal forms submitted 30 or more days after your certificate has expired.


Renewing is easy!
All you have to do to update your file is tell us what has changed since the last time you applied/renewed (address, job, etc.,) and submit any additional training certificates of completion, college transcripts showing completion of additional ECE courses/completion of your degree, and/or copies of any newly acquired licenses, teaching certificates or endorsements. This information is important because it helps document the professional development progress you have made throughout the year and could result in a change in your Career Ladder level. Remember, as a courtesy, the Registry warehouses all of your training records in a central location should you ever need to replace lost or misplaced documentation, but more importantly, the more you provide to us with each renewal, the more complete your professional development profile will be.

* The Nevada Registry uses an electronic renewal reminder notification process. To ensure that you receive important information, future renewal reminders, updates, etc. from The Nevada Registry, it is imperative that an accurate email address be on file at all times. Note: Occasionally, emails sent from The Nevada Registry are returned as undeliverable and/or considered spam. If you have an email address on file but you do not receive this reminder in the future, it is possible that your message has been returned or was blocked on your end. Please check your junk mail and/or spam folders. If you do not receive a renewal reminder notice 4-6 weeks prior to when your certificate expires, contact our office at (775) 327-0670 or (800) 259-1906 so we may help resolve the issue.

Mail your completed renewal form and any additional documentation to The Nevada Registry at: 240 S. Rock Blvd., Ste. #143, Reno, NV 89502 (faxed paperwork will not be accepted). Please note that if you work in a licensed child care setting, you are in compliance with child care licensing only when your certificate is current so be sure to update your file before your certificate expires! After your file is updated, you will receive a new certificate indicating your Career Ladder level that will remain in effect for another 12 months.

Questions? Go to Career Ladder FAQs to find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the application process.

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