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Child Care Licensing

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Did you know that all licensed child care facilities in Nevada are currently regulated by one of two licensing entities; the Division of Public and Behavioral Health - Child Care Licensing Unit (State) or Washoe County Child Care Licensing?

What is the Difference Between State and County Child Care Licensing?

The Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) - Child Care Licensing Unit licenses, regulates and monitors all facilities located outside Washoe County. The DPBH enforces the state child care licensing regulations, which are the minimum requirements for child care in Nevada. The regulations for child care facilities in Washoe County must meet, but can exceed, the requirements set forth in the state child care licensing regulations.

Links to Important Licensing-Related Information

Both licensing agencies in Nevada have websites containing a wealth of information. We encourage you to visit their websites if you have any specific questions about the process of becoming a licensed provider, Director qualifications, or any general child care licensing question.

Division of Public and Behavioral Health - Child Care Licensing Unit

Washoe County Child Care Licensing


Collaboration with Child Care Licensing

The Registry strives to help connect ECE professionals to the information you need to know as it relates to child care licensing. Much of what you'll find on the pages below is information received directly from child care licensing and/or information that can also be found on each of their respective websites listed above. The information is intended to help increase awareness of important announcements related to licensing (upcoming Child Care Board meetings, regulation changes, etc.), help answer commonly asked questions, inform you of your role as a mandated reporter of child abuse and neglect and help you locate your own Licensing surveyor by accessing the statewide contact list.

Be sure to check back frequently as these pages will be updated regularly as new information is provided.


Mandatory Participation

In April of 2009, participation with the Registry was adopted into State Child Care regulations R112-06 and R001-09. What this means is that all caregivers working in licensed child care settings of any type (center, Family/Group Home Care, etc.) and who are counted in the staff/child ratios, must apply (and annually renew) to the Registry.

To assist with the verification process, the Registry has created a mechanism that allows Child Care Licensing staff to easily check the status of an individual's file. Through this mechanism, Licensing staff are able to conduct a limited search to generate a list of employees by center and/or to search for an individual by name. The only information available through this search is the status of an individual's Registry application (active, renewal, expired, etc.), their last reported employer and their certificate expiration date. Personal information such as Career Ladder level, experience or any other personal information is not accessible.

Please feel free to contact a Registry Associate if are having trouble finding what you are looking for!