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Professional Development Resources

Several professional development tools are available to support you as you begin, or continue, your career in ECE. These resources are available to you at no cost and are designed to help you think intentionally about your work in ECE and create a plan for your own ongoing professional development in the field.

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Professional Development Plan (PDP)

A professional development Plan (PDP) can help you plan for future professional development and assess your own progress and professional growth. Learn more about professional development planning.

“Cultivating Your Growth as a Professional: Creating a Professional Development Plan to Guide Your Career in Early Care and Education”.


Online PDP Now Availabe! 


Core Competencies for Early Care and Education

Nevada’s Core Competency document is designed to be a practical self-assessment tool that may be used in a variety of ways regardless of a person’s role (caregiver, supervisor, trainer, career counselor, faculty, etc.), or the setting in which you work. The competencies are the observable skills that reflect a caregiver’s knowledge and understanding of the Core Knowledge Areas (CKA). Learn more about the Core Competencies.

Nevada's Core Knowledge Areas and Core Competencies
for Early Care and Education Professionals


Revised Nevada Pre-K Standards

Pre-K content standards describe appropriate outcomes for children at the end of their preschool experience/entering kindergarten. The standards have been developed based on the research that supports the significance of the early years in future student achievement and can be used by all early childhood education programs in Nevada as a guide for child outcomes for preschool. The standards are a published list of descriptions of what most children should know and be able to do before they enter kindergarten.  Download your personal copy now. For more information, contact the Nevada Pre-K Standards office via email at or by phone at (775) 327-0675.


Nevada Early Learning Guidelines

The Nevada Infant and Toddler Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) were developed for early childhood professionals as well as parents so that adults caring for infants and toddlers can have a set of appropriate developmental guidelines to refer to for information and resources. The guidelines can be used as a frame of reference for children but it is important to remember that each child develops differently so the age ranges should be used as a suggestions. The activities that are recommended can be provided by the caregiver or parent to help support the learning.  Infants and toddlers grow and develop rapidly so it is important to mention that different milestones can be occur at different times and stages in a child’s development can change quickly. The use of these guidelines will support the use of best practice approaches in infant and toddler programs.