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Registry Forms and Downloads

A number of forms related to Registry program participation and the training approval system are located throughout our website. While we invite you to browse completely through the pages to find more specific and comprehensive information about the intended purpose of each form, the quick links to the documents below are available to help you find exactly what you are looking for in one easy step! Links to additional related Registry resources and professional development tools are also provided on this page. Please contact a Registry Associate at (800) 259-1906 or by email if you are unsure about which form you need and/or if you aren't finding what you are looking for.


All forms are in Adobe® Acrobat Reader format. Download free Acrobat® Reader software.  Note: The majority of our membership forms are available as a fillable PDF form which allows you to type your information directly into the form rather than having to handwrite your information. However, forms cannot be submitted online/electronically. Please complete your form, print it out and mail it to our office with all applicable support documentation.
Membership with The Nevada Registry is FREE; however, fees are in place for late renewals and several other enhanced services. Payment can be made by check, money order or credit card/PayPal. A $25 fee will be charged on all returned checks. All fees paid are non-refundable. No cash accepted.

Membership Forms

Whether you are applying to the Registry for the first time or simply need to renew/update your file, you will find everything you need to complete the process right here! Please contact a Registry Associate at (800) 259-1906 or by email if you are unsure about which form you need and/or if you aren’t finding what you are looking for. 
  • Membership Application - No Charge
    Use this form if you are applying for the first time. 
  • On-Time Renewal - Update/Renewal Form - No Charge
    Use this form if you are renewing your membership prior to, or within 30 days of your certificate expiration date. There is no fee for renewing on-time.
  • LATE Renewal - Update/Renewal Form - $25
    Use this form if your membership has been expired for 30 or more days beyond the expiration date listed on your Certificate of Achievement. Please note that the $25 payment must be submitted WITH your late renewal form. Forms received without applicable payment will be returned and you will not be in compliance with Child Care Licensing until a complete renewal form and payment is received.  
  • Career Ladder Level Re-Evaluation Form - $20
    Career Ladder re-evaluations occurring in conjunction with your scheduled annual renewal are completed at no cost. The cost to re-evaluate Career Ladder levels mid-year for any other reason than the recent completion of college courses and/or an ECE degree that will result in a Career Ladder increase (i.e. to factor in documentation that was not originally submitted with your initial application or most recent renewal, etc.) is $20.
       Click on the 'Pay Now' button below to submit payment for a Career Ladder Level Re-Evaluation.  Note: Follow up your payment by emailing ( your completed Career Ladder Level Re-Evaluation form to The Nevada Registry. Your request cannot be processed until a completed request form is received, even if payment has already been submitted.

ATTENTION! As of May 2019, active members of The Nevada Registry may access/download/print a digital copy of their current Registry membership certificate from within their Online Portal
STOP! Please DO NOT pay for a printed copy unless you absolutely want/need a professionally printed copy. 
Fees paid to request a printed copy are non-refundable

Submit Payment 

  • Request for Replacement Documentation – No Charge
    Copies of the documents you have provided to The Nevada Registry at the time of application or renewal are provided at no charge (transcripts, training certificates, diplomas, etc.). If you need a printed Certificate of Achievement (i.e., Nevada Registry Membership Certificate), please complete the ‘Request for Printed Nevada Registry Membership Certificate' form (above). The cost to obtain a printed certificate is $10.
    Important! The Nevada Registry does not automatically receive your certificates after a training nor is training automatically entered into your account when taken. As a result, your membership account only contains copies of training certificates that you have mailed in with your initial membership application or annual renewal forms. We are happy to provide replacement copies of any training certificates on file. 

Registry Downloads