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As of March 31, 2020

TRAINER Statistics

Total Number of Trainers: 219

The total number of trainers includes approved and registered trainers. Approved trainers fall into the Generalist, Out of State and Corporate trainer categories and are subject to all initial trainer qualification and annual renewal criteria requirements. Registered trainers fall into the Conference Presenter, Sponsored Presenter, Organizational Representative and Compliance trainer categories and are NOT subject to the initial trainer or renewal requirements.

  • APPROVED Trainers: 151
  • REGISTERED Trainers: 68

Breakdown by Trainer TYPE

A new improved training approval system was launched in January 2017. With it, trainer qualification and approval criteria was created. In 2020, the minimum educational criteria for Early Childhood (ECE) Trainers is an Associate’s degree with 4000 hours of direct experience working with children (Level 4.2, 5.2, 6.2 or 7.2). An Associate’s degree is also the minimum educational standard for NEW Topic Trainers.

  • EARLY CHILDHOOD Trainers: 148
  • TOPIC Trainers: 71

Breakdown by Trainer CATEGORY

Total EARLY CHILDHOOD Trainers: 148

Trainer Qualification and Approval Criteria for Early Childhood Trainers 

CategoryTotal in Category
Out of State0
Compliance 0
Conference Presenter*0
Organizational Representative2
Sponsored Presenter23

Total TOPIC Trainers: 71

Trainer Qualification and Approval Criteria for Topic Trainers

CategoryTotal in Category
Out of State0
Conference Presenter*0
Organizational Representative 1
Sponsored Presenter4
*The Conference Presenter trainer category is a temporary status assigned to individuals presenting at a specific conference for a specific purpose. As a result, the total in this category fluctuates often. Because it is designed to support trainers for a single event, the Conference Presenter trainer category assignment is removed at the conclusion of the conference event for which he/she was registered.

Career Ladder Levels of ECE Trainers

Career Ladder LevelPercentage of Total
Certificate of ParticipationN/A
Level 1N/A
Level 2N/A
Level 3N/A
Level 47.35%
Level 544.12%
Level 641.18%
Level 77.35%

TRAINING Statistics

The information below highlights the number of Registry-approved training sessions and online courses available during this quarter. It is important to note that a dip in the number of in-person training sessions offered during a specific period of time is not necessarily directly correlated to the number of approved trainers in Nevada. More likely, it is indicative of a growing trend for Early Childhood (ECE) educators to obtain much of their required professional development via online training organizations; especially when online courses are offered at low, or no cost.  As online options continue to increase and meet the needs of ECE educators, particularly in rural areas where training is typically less accessible, this trend will likely continue.

In-Person Training Statistics

  • 519 in-person Registry-approved training sessions were offered during this quarter.
    Of this total:
    43% were open to the public*
    57% were offered in-house/not open to the public (and not posted to the Training Calendar)
*The Training Calendar only displays in-person training sessions that are open to the public. It should not be assumed that the events listed on the calendar represent all of the training available at any given time. As the numbers above highlight, nearly the same amount of training sessions were offered in-house/not open to the public (and therefore not posted to the website) as what was open to the public.  

Online Training Statistics

The Nevada Registry has entered into data transfer partnerships with ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) and ProSolutions Training to electronically import completed Registry-approved online training into the membership accounts of active Registry members. These imports occur on a weekly basis through a secure data transfer process. As a result, we are now able to report on the number of online courses being completed through these two organizations.

  • ChildCare Education Institute
    Total number of CCEI online courses currently approved: 286
    Number of CCEI courses completed by active Registry members during this quarter: 1715
  • ProSolutions Training
    Total number of ProSolutions Training online courses currently approved: 161
    Number of ProSolutions courses completed by active Registry members during this quarter: 1789

Training Sessions by Core Knowledge Areas (CKA)

Core Knowledge AreaPercentage of Total
Human Growth and Development10.59%
Positive Interactions and Guidance16.05%
Observation and Assessment3.21%
Environment and Curriculum26.81%
Health, Nutrition and Safety17.82%
Leadership and Professional Development10.43%
Family and Community Relationships6.1%
Management and Administration8.99%