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Nevadans will be able to give feedback on November 29, in this first of six sessions.

Nevada Medicaid is hosting the first of six Public Option design sessions on November 29, from 2 to 3 pm.

The meeting, which will include public comment, is to present on the Public Option health benefit plan and its implementation process. A presentation will outline key provisions related to the required actuarial study as well as the law’s broader goals. The presentation will also describe the implementation process, including opportunities for public engagement and input. This is the first of six public sessions informing the design of the Public Option health benefit plan.

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Facilities can circulate this notification to staff and the public so that anyone who wants Medicaid updates can sign up for the ListServ online here. For questions regarding the ListServ, write to Nevada Medicaid Public Information Officer, Ky Plaskon at For all other Medicaid-related questions, use the online contact form linked here.