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Enrollment for the Telehealth Services Benefit Program Now Available to ALL Registry Members

Receive access to unlimited telemedicine calls and up to 10 teletherapy sessions, per year, per family, for up to two years for FREE! Individuals must be active members of The Nevada Registry and currently employed in a child care setting or other early childhood-related program in Nevada to enroll. Log into your Online Portal account and click on the 'Membership Account' tab on your dashboard. If you are employed in ECE, you will see a new tab titled, ‘Telehealth Services Benefit Program' under your 'Training Documentation' tab. Open that tab and scroll down to the bottom to begin the enrollment process.

Learn More About the Telehealth Program

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection program is open to all licensed child care providers in Nevada.

A new lead testing project is now available to all child care centers in Nevada.

The Nevada Lead Testing Program is part of a nationwide initiative funded by federal grants to test the drinking water in schools and child care centers for lead to reduce children’s exposure to lead in drinking water.

The State has partnered with the consulting firm TruePani Inc. to manage and coordinate the program. A member of the program team will be reaching out to your facility directly to provide more information on the project and your opportunity to enroll. Outreach to all child care centers in Nevada will happen on a rolling basis through 2024. If you would like to participate sooner in the program, you can sign up here.

The Nevada Lead Testing Program is supported by a US EPA grant to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, and the Washoe County Health District are partners in the project. The grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was established by the 2016 Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act.

For more information on the Nevada Lead Testing Program, visit

NDEP press release