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Stipend Application Period Now Closed

The deadline to submit a stipend application was June 30, 2024. No further stipend applications are being accepted at this time. Please direct all questions regarding the status of your application to NevAEYC at 775-327-0680.

H&H Child Care Training, an IACET-accredited organization, is the newest training organization approved by The Nevada Registry to advertise their self-paced, online continuing education courses on the Training Calendar. Currently, 20 online courses ranging from two to nine hours are approved in Nevada. H&H Child Care Training offers online continued education text (excluding media) in multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi and others.

H&H Child Care Training has also entered a data-sharing partnership with The Nevada Registry. What this means is that successfully completed Nevada Registry-approved courses will be added to your account within one week of taking them. This makes the ‘Training Transcript’ (available within your Online Portal account) a more up to date record of your completed training and professional development. It also means that you will not need to upload these training certificates when you renew your membership with The Nevada Registry – they will already be reflected in your account. It is a win/win!

Follow these steps to find courses approved in Nevada* to meet your professional development needs:

  • Visit The Nevada Registry website and click on ‘Training Calendar’ in the upper right corner.
  • Choose ‘Online’ as the Training Format.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the search field section and select ‘H&H Child Care Training’ from the ‘Online and Distance Learning Organizations’ dropdown list.
  • Click ‘Submit’. Upon doing so you will see all of the available Nevada Registry-approved courses.
  • Click on the website URL address for the course you are interested in taking to enroll in the course.

* Please be advised that all online courses offered by an online training organization are not necessarily approved in Nevada. For this reason, it is always best to select online courses from The Nevada Registry’s Training Calendar rather than from the organization’s general course catalog. This is the best way to ensure that the courses you complete will be recognized by The Nevada Registry and Child Care Licensing. If an approval code is not listed on a certificate of completion, it is not approved in Nevada, and you will not receive credit for completing the course. Make your investment of time and money count! Choose courses from the options available on the Training Calendar only!