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Enrollment for the Telehealth Services Benefit Program Now Available to ALL Registry Members

Receive access to unlimited telemedicine calls and up to 10 teletherapy sessions, per year, per family, for up to two years for FREE! Individuals must be active members of The Nevada Registry and currently employed in a child care setting or other early childhood-related program in Nevada to enroll. Log into your Online Portal account and click on the 'Membership Account' tab on your dashboard. If you are employed in ECE, you will see a new tab titled, ‘Telehealth Services Benefit Program' under your 'Training Documentation' tab. Open that tab and scroll down to the bottom to begin the enrollment process.

Learn More About the Telehealth Program

A message from NevAEYC:

Today, early childhood advocates are contacting Congress with the message to #SaveChildCare.  There have been no additional investments in child care since the passage of the CARES Act in March 2020.  While the House passed the bipartisan Child Care Is Essential Act proposing $50 billion for the child care industry, Congress and the White House have not reached an agreement on overall relief spending, leaving millions of families and thousands of child care providers without any source of relief.  NevAEYC encourages you to participate by tweeting #SaveChildCare at 1:50 PM.  You can tweet your own message or use any of the following.  If you do not use Twitter, you can post on Instagram and Facebook, too.

To include your Representatives and Senators in your tweets, use @ then their names.  For example: @SenCortezMasto, @SenJackyRosen, @RepSusieLee, @RepDinaTitus, @MarkAmodeiNV2, and @RepHorsford.

Sample Tweets – All

  • Congress must focus on COVID-19 relief and include at least $50B to #SaveChildCare. If they do not, America risks losing 4.5 million child care slots. @SpeakerPelosi @GOPLeader @Senatemajldr @SenSchumer
  • Congress: For months we have been asking you to #SaveChildCare. Prioritize COVID relief that includes at least $50B in dedicated funding for child care. That’s what families and their communities want and need.
  • Providers, families and advocates continue to demonstrate that the child care industry is critical for families and our economy. [@ and your Representative or Senator] will you prioritize a COVID relief package that includes AT LEAST $50B to #SaveChildCare right now?

Sample Tweets – Child Care Providers

  • [@ and your Representative or Senator], we are counting on you to ensure Congress prioritizes increased funding for child care in the final version of the relief package. We need at least $50B to #SaveChildCare. The kids and families I serve and my program need you to focus on COVID relief NOW.
  • [@Rep/Senator], I am an essential worker struggling to support families and keep the children in my care safe and healthy. Do justice to #childcare with the $50B we need. #SaveChildCare

Sample Tweets – Parents

  • [@Rep/Senator], my family is depending on you to pass a COVID relief bill that includes at least $50B #SaveChildCare – before it’s too late and half of the U.S.’s child care capacity disappears.
  • [@Rep/Senator], my family is counting on you to make sure at least $50B is included to #SaveChildCare in this next relief package. My family cannot afford to lose our child care. Congress must ensure the industry is still standing for parents to return to work.