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New Information Required When Signing-In at Registry-Approved Training Sessions

The Nevada Registry is gearing up for an exciting new membership benefit - a training attendance tracking feature!  

The training attendance tracking feature will be launched in 2020 and will allow completed Registry-approved training sessions to be added to your Registry membership account within several days following your attendance at a Registry-approved training session. This is what we commonly refer to as “live” data tracking.  

This will be a TREMENDOUS BENEFIT to you as an active Registry member because completed Registry-approved training sessions are currently only added to your account once per year upon your renewal with The Nevada Registry. This means that for a period of up to twelve months, you do not have current training and professional development records on file. Even then, accounts are only updated with completed training records if you include copies of training certificates with your renewal paperwork. Once this new feature launches, neither of these two facts will remain true. An added benefit to having data that are more current on file is that Child Care Licensing surveyors will be able to more easily verify whether you have met the requirements for annual training hours. 

How Will it Work?
In order for Registry-approved training sessions to be entered into your account following completion, you must provide your name, Registry ID and email address at each Registry-approved training session you attend. These three items help the Registry verify your identity and ensures that information is being added to the correct account. It is imperative that you provide your correct Registry ID AND the email address associated with your current Registry membership account. If the information you provide on an attendance/sign-in sheet does not match the email address on file in your Registry account, the training session WILL NOT be added to your account.

Log in to your Online Portal today to verify your Registry ID and to ensure that the email address on file is the one that you use most frequently. Be sure to use this email address when signing in at all future Registry-approved training sessions. 

Live data-tracking will begin in 2020 but there is no better time than the present to memorize your Registry ID and to get into the habit of providing the required information when you sign in at Registry-approved training sessions. 

Contact our office with any questions about the new membership benefit that is coming soon!   

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Attention Trainers! New Attendance Sheet

The Nevada Registry is gearing up for an exciting new membership benefit - a training attendance tracking feature!

What is it?
The training attendance tracking feature allows completed Registry-approved training to be added to the Registry membership accounts of active Registry members within several days of attending an in-person training...

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CPR Instructor Listing Phase-Out

In June 2016, The Nevada Registry stopped approving CPR and First Aid training. It was at that time that the workforce was notified that any CPR/First Aid training taken by one of five approved organizations (as listed in Child Care Licensing regulations; American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, EMS Safety Services, Medic First Aid.), would be accepted...

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Child Care Advisory Council’s October Meeting Postponed

A message from State Child Care Licensing:

The Child Care Advisory Council (CCAC) meeting scheduled for Oct. 8 has been postponed until November. Facilities will be notified by email when a new date is set.

The CCAC is still accepting applications for a Southern Nevada representative from the group or family care segment of the industry. Members...

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Did You Know? 'Just Say No' to Repeat Training

As an Early Childhood professional, you have a lot on your plate and many demands on your time – including finding time to complete 24 hours of training and professional development each year to meet the annual training requirements of Child Care Licensing. The best way to make the most of your time and investment (if paying for training) is to select training that not only meets your needs...

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A Look Inside The Nevada Registry - September 2019

September flew by in the blink of an eye, but not before a lot of great work occurred at The Nevada Registry. Take a look at these numbers!

  • Membership total: 7133 - our highest number ever! 
  • 684 applications and renewal forms were received and data-entered into the system.
  • 538 membership certificates were processed. Please note that as of May 2019, membership certificates...

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New Data Transfer Partnership with ProSolutions Training

The Nevada Registry has entered into a data transfer partnership with ProSolutions Training to begin electronically importing completed Registry-approved online training into the membership accounts of active Registry members. Beginning in October 2019, this import will occur on a weekly basis through a secure data transfer process. 


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Did You Know (Trainers)? Trainer Renewal Eligibility Status

You now have the ability to upload verification of your 2019 continuing education documents in preparation for the 2020 trainer renewal application process that opens on January 6, 2020. Feel free to upload documents from within your Online Portal at any time prior to December 31st (the sooner the better...

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Attention Trainers: More Adult Learning Principles Training Opportunities

If you have not already completed the three hours of training in adult learning principles required for trainer renewal in 2020 or simply just want more, you may be interested in attending one of three upcoming training sessions being offered by Teresa Byington with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. 

Trainer Professional Learning Community: Learner Centered Training...

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Approved Trainers - Important Year-End Reminder

As we head into the last quarter of the 2019 calendar year, we would like to provide a few important reminders to prepare you for the 2020 trainer renewal process. Please read this information carefully as it provides you with everything you need to know in order to successfully renew your trainer approval status next year.

  • Your trainer approval status will expire on December 31, 2019...

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