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AB 109 Hearing, Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AB 109 will be heard before the Senate Committee on Health and Human Resources tomorrow afternoon (4/30/13) at 3:30pm.  The hearing will be video-conferenced to Las Vegas at the Grant Sawyer Building for those individuals in the South who would like to attend.  Two amendments were made to this bill in the Assembly that were passed out of committee:

1. Section 1 - Director Requirements:
Removed the additional semester hours requirements for Directors with CDA's and reduced the hours of experience from 4,000 to 2,000.  It should be noted that those hours can be achieved while earning the CDA and do not need to be in addition to.

2. Section 2 - Annual Training Hours:
The increased training hours will only apply to centers with 12 or more children.  Other centers (5 to 11 children) will still need to complete 15 hours annually.  
Amended Bill Draft
4/30/13 Hearing Agenda


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