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Power to the Profession: Competencies

An update from NAEYC:

As part of becoming a profession, early childhood educators working with children birth through age 8 across all settings must have shared knowledge and competencies. Decision Cycle 2 identified a process to establish a unified set of Professional Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators for the profession.

Since September 2018, these draft standards have undergone two rounds of public comment.  One element of the Professional Standards and Competencies is to level the depth and breadth of the standards and competencies for the three designations in the early childhood educator profession–ECE I, ECE II, ECE III.

A first draft of this leveling was shared earlier this year for public comment. The workgroup for this revision is incorporating the feedback from the field, including members of institutions of higher education, and working on a next draft of the leveling. They anticipate the next draft will be available in the fall of 2019 and they look forward to your comments and input.