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Clearance Process Emails from State Child Care Licensing

A message from the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Child Care Licensing Program:

State Child Care Licensing has begun emailing all background-related correspondence effective March 2016. Facilities will receive memorandums such as:

  • Clearance Memorandums
  • Denial Memorandums
  • Under 18 Memorandums

It will be the responsibility of each facility to print and file the documentation.

Please see the following instructions about accessing email from the State:

  1. To read & reply, open the attachment
  2. Click on the message
  3. Click and read the message
  4. Register by entering your email address, name, creating a password and selecting a question (to be used in case you forget your password)
  5. Press 'Continue'
  6. E-mail will be visible to read and print Clearance Letter

This action is only required at time of Registration. Any further background e-mails from Licensing will not require another set-up.