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New Initial Health and Safety Training - Coming Soon!

As of February 1, 2018, the following new CCDBG health and safety training is required:

  • Building and Physical Premises Safety including Storage of Bio-Contaminants and Hazardous Materials
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning Resulting from a Natural or Man-Made Event
  • Medication Administration and the Prevention of and Response to Food and Other Allergies in the Child Care Environment
  • Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma
  • Transportation Safety in the Early Childhood Environment

For new caregivers, this training is required to be completed within 120 days from their hire date. Existing caregivers are required to complete the new training in accordance with their facility’s licensure date. Caregivers working in licensed facilities are encouraged to contact their licensing surveyor for more information and/or with questions about enforcement. 

Please note that you will not find these training on the Registry's Training Calendar yet. The Nevada Registry is currently working with approved trainers to develop training on the newly required topics and anticipates that both in-person and online courses will be available in the coming weeks, if not sooner. In the meantime, new caregivers are encouraged to concentrate on completing the existing initial training requirements (CPR, SOI, etc.) as these courses are already readily available. As courses in the new topics become available, they will be posted to the Registry's Training Calendar and will be easy to locate in the existing Initial Training Requirements dropdown list and in a new CCDBG Health and Safety Training dropdown search list. Each training satisfying a specific requirement will be flagged with a disclaimer like this: This training can be taken to meet the initial training requirement for xxx.

Look for these new search options in the next several days.