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Child Care Licensing Launches Facebook Page

The Child Care Licensing program that licenses and inspects facilities throughout Nevada has launched a Facebook page and is inviting all providers and parents to like and follow it.

The page is located at and will be regularly updated with news about Nevada child care regulation, tips about childhood education, news from Nevada and around the world about child care and more. Visitors to the page also will learn about Nevada’s child care licensing staff at both ends of the state and find links to other child care-related resources both locally and nationally.

The new Child Care Licensing Facebook page supplements the program’s official Division of Public and Behavioral page web pages, the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance blog site and the email listserv for child care providers. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to follow all of these outlets to stay current.

Also on Facebook from the Division of Public and Behavioral Health are several other important programs:
• Nevada State Immunization Program
• Nevada Wellness
• Office of Public Health Informatics and Epidemiology
• Public Health Preparedness

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