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‘Licensed Physician’ Defined for Immunization Medical Exemption

An important message from Nevada Child Care Licensing:

A recent message shared by Child Care Licensing clarifies the requirements for medical exemptions from immunizations indicating that the signature must be from specific medical professionals for admission to child care. More specifically, a medical exemption from immunization for children attending a child care facility in Nevada must be signed by a “licensed physician,” which means a licensed:

  • Doctor of medicine (MD)
  • Doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.)
  • Advanced practice registered nurse (APRN)

The Nevada state Attorney General’s Office has clarified that other types of medical providers (such as chiropractors or naturopathic doctors) are not providers types that meet the definition of “licensed physician” for purposes of the medical exemption allowed under Nevada Revised Statutes 432A.250.

Under NRS 432A.230, children attending any child care facility in Nevada and who are not subject to a specific religious or medical exemption must be immunized against:

  • Diphtheria;
  • Tetanus;
  • Pertussis if the child is under 6 years of age;
  • Poliomyelitis;
  • Rubeola; and
  • Such other diseases as the local board of health or the State Board of Health may determine.

For more information about the regulatory requirements for medical exemptions from required immunizations, contact Shannon Bennett, Nevada State Immunization Program manager, at or call (775) 684-2225.