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Licensing Workgroup 4: Staffing Requirements

A workshop (3rd in the series) will be held on Thursday, December 10, 2015 from 1pm - 3pm to review Nevada Administrative Code 432A.520-432A.546, regarding Staffing Requirements in Child Care Facilities.

Nevada Administrative Codes 432A.520-432A.546 pertain to: General requirements and requirements for field trip*replacement of absent caregiver* nurseries for infants and toddlers* child care centers and accommodation facilities: caregivers during the day* child care centers, accommodation facilities and for special events: caregivers at night*child care centers*caregivers for infants and toddlers* additional children outside of normal school hours*special needs facilities*family homes* group homes*family homes and group homes*additional children outside of school hours* facilities that provide care for ill children* child care institutions*educational care institutions*residential child care institutions*shelter child care institutions* facilities which provide activities in water.

Meeting Agenda

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