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Did You Know? CCEI Training Imports

In July we announced that The Nevada Registry has entered into a data transfer partnership with the ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) to begin electronically importing completed Registry-approved online CCEI training into the membership accounts of active Registry members. What this means is that Registry-approved CCEI training that you complete will be automatically added to your Registry membership account within a week of completing it. This is a great benefit to you as it helps to update your transcript of completed training as you complete some of your training rather than having to wait until your next membership renewal. However, we are not able to import completed CCEI training into your account if the information in the CCEI system does not match the information in our system (First Name, Last Name, Registry ID).

Because a missing or incorrect Registry ID # (in your CCEI account) is the most common mismatch, please be sure that your correct Registry ID # is on file with CCEI. The process to update your CCEI account is easy. Follow these simple steps to add your Nevada Registry ID # to your CCEI Training Account. While you are there, verify that your name in the CCEI system matches the name on file with The Nevada Registry too! 

  1. Log in to your Nevada Registry Online Portal to verify your Registry ID # (listed in the ‘My Membership Profile’ tab of your membership account)
  2. Log in to CCEI to add it to your account
  3. Once logged in to your CCEI account:
  4. Go to: Edit Personal Settings (Under ‘My Professional Development Resources’)
  5. Choose ‘Personal Information’. Click on the ‘Edit Personal Information’ link next to your name.
  6. Click on the ‘Registry’ tab 
  7. Enter your Registry ID # in the corresponding text field
  8. Save your changes

Once this is done (and if this is the only mismatched information), any completed CCEI training that has not been imported will be added to your Nevada Registry membership account during the next regularly scheduled data import.  Imported training will be added to your training transcript but will not be factored into your Career Ladder Level (if applicable) until your next membership renewal. 

Please note that CCEI may contact you via email to request additional information needed to update your account with their organization. This contact is in an attempt to reconcile the data in their system with the data in our system so that your completed CCEI training may be imported into your Registry membership account.