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Did You Know? Initial Training Requirement Disclaimers – The Fine Print

Registry-approved training sessions that fully or partially meet an initial training requirement of Child Care Licensing will include a disclaimer in red print below the training title on the Training Calendar. It is very important that these disclaimers are read thoroughly to determine whether the training will fully or partially meet a specific requirement. 

For example, three hours of training is required to fully meet the Child Development requirement and two hours of training are required to fully meet the Wellness requirement. However, both of these courses are very commonly offered for fewer hours than what is required by licensing regulations. What this means is that you will need to complete more than one training in these topics to fully meet the requirement. New Membership Applications submitted with partially met training will not be considered complete until documentation is provided to verify that each required initial training has been met in full. 

When a training fully meets a requirement, the disclaimer will say this: 

This training can be taken to meet the Child Development/Guidance & Discipline training requirement. 

When a training partially meets a requirement, the disclaimer will say this:

This training can be applied toward the Child Development/Guidance & Discipline training requirement; however, because it is less than three hours in length, additional training in Child Development/Guidance & Discipline will need to be completed to fully satisfy the three-hour requirement.

Always read the fine print to verify whether a training fully or partially meets a requirement. This is the best way to ensure that you will successfully meet all of the training requirements of Child Care Licensing and application requirements of The Nevada Registry.