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Did You Know? You've Got (E)Mail

The Nevada Registry utilizes email communication for EVERY aspect of the program; from confirmation that your application is complete/incomplete, to notify you when your application or renewal has been processed, to trainer approval and training approval confirmations and everything in between. In a nutshell, ALL communication from The Nevada Registry can be found in your email mailbox*.

Please be sure to open and thoroughly read each email message sent by The Nevada Registry as it will contain everything you need to know – especially when additional information is needed to proceed with your request/submission. In these cases, the email will provide you with specific information about the steps that need to be taken next. Thoroughly reading through the emails will save you time and is the best way to expedite the processing of your request/paperwork. 

*The Nevada Registry prides itself on rapid response rates and generally responds to all inquiries (phone, email, online submissions, etc.) within two business days. If you have submitted something to our office and do not receive any form of communication from our office within several days, there may be an issue. First check your spam/junk folders to ensure our messages did not get sent to either of those folders, and then contact our office because it is very likely that we may not have received what you sent. With The Nevada Registry, “no news” is not good news – you should be hearing from our office within two business days regardless of what you need (excluding holidays and prescheduled office closures).