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Did You Know? 'Just Say No' to Repeat Training

As an Early Childhood professional, you have a lot on your plate and many demands on your time – including finding time to complete 24 hours of training and professional development each year to meet the annual training requirements of Child Care Licensing. The best way to make the most of your time and investment (if paying for training) is to select training that not only meets your needs from a scheduling and cost perspective, but also helps you continue to grow in your knowledge of ECE. For this reason, The Nevada Registry recommends that you seek out new training from year to year and avoid repeating training that you have already completed. While there is some value in refreshing and reinforcing ideas you have learned in the past, there is greater value in learning something new that challenges you to improve upon your existing practice of working with young children. Please note that with the exception of initial training requirements that must be repeated periodically (SOI, Child Abuse and Neglect, etc.), training that you have already taken in the past will not be entered into your Registry membership account and will not show up on your training transcript. With so many great choices available on the Training Calendar, there is no need to continue to take the same training over and over again – make the most of your time and seek out training that will help you gain new knowledge and skill!