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Tip of the Day: Informed Consumers of Training

On rare occasions, you may attend a training but don't receive a certificate when you leave and/or the certificate you receive doesn’t have an approval code from the Registry. Never leave a training without a certificate! Every registered trainer has signed an agreement stating that they will issue certificates of attendance at the conclusion of their trainings, and that those certificates will include the Registry-issued approval code. If you do not have a certificate or the certificate does not have a Nevada Registry approval code, it may not be approved, or it may simply be an oversight on behalf of the trainer. In either case, the course will not be counted toward your annual training requirements for licensing without proper documentation of Registry approval.

Do your research before registering for any training to be certain that a training has been approved PRIOR to taking it! The easiest way to do this is to visit our online training calendar. Anything that has been approved by the Registry, and that is open to the public, will appear on the calendar up until, and including, the day of the event. If ever you are in doubt, feel free to contact our office to speak with a Registry Associate who can verify the approval status for you.

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