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Tip of the Day: Looking for Required Trainings?

Did you know that the Training Calendar includes a way for you to search specifically for the trainings that must be completed within 90 days of employment in child care? Click on the arrow on the “Initial Training Requirements” dropdown list and narrow your search by selecting the topic of interest. Once you are viewing the search results page, look for trainings that include a statement in red lettering at the top of the listing similar to this: “This training can be taken to meet the initial training requirements for xx”. When you see this, you can be confident knowing that the training will fully satisfy an initial training requirement*.

*Only the initial trainings that fully meet a requirement are flagged in this way. You can still take other approved trainings that are being offered for less than the required number of hours, but they will only partially satisfy the requirement. As a result, a combination of shorter trainings will need to be taken to meet the requirement in full. For example, if you find a one (1) hour Child Development training of interest, you are welcome to take it, but you must take an additional two (2) hours of training in Child Development to fully satisfy the requirement. In this example, the requirement can be fully met by: completing one three-hour training or combining multiple shorter-length trainings to equal a total of three hours.

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