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Tip of the Day: Why Didn't my Career Ladder Level Change?

A common misconception is that an individual’s Career Ladder level will automatically change/increase upon their annual renewal because of continued employment in the field and/or participation with the Registry (i.e., one more year of experience/one more year of membership with the Registry). However, Career Ladder levels do not change based on longevity; rather, they increase as a result of the completion of additional professional development and/or college coursework. For instance, a member at Level 1.1 will move up to Level 1.2 only when he/she submits verification of a high school diploma. A member at Level 1.2 will move up to level 1.3 only if he/she submits copies of training certificates showing completion of 15 Registry-approved training hours or by completing a 1 credit ECE college course. A member at Level 1.3 will move up to Level 2.1 by completing a CDA, 8 ECE college credits or 120 hours of Registry-approved training, and so on*. If you’d like to talk with a Registry Specialist about your current level and the steps you'll need to take to advance to the next level, please feel free to contact our office any time!

*Individuals do not have to qualify at each level of the Career Ladder in order to advance.

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