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Tip of the Week: Career Ladder Re-Evaluations

Have you recently completed college coursework in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a degree in ECE or a related field? If so, be sure to submit your transcripts as soon as the grades are posted and/or the award date of your degree is listed so that your Career Ladder level can be re-evaluated at NO CHARGE! Transcripts must be submitted within 2-3 weeks after the transcripts are updated in order to qualify for the free re-evaluation offer.

Note: Career Ladder re-evaluations occurring in conjunction with your scheduled annual renewal are completed at no cost. The cost to re-evaluate Career Ladder levels mid-year for any other reason than the recent completion of college courses and/or an ECE degree that will result in a Career Ladder increase (i.e. to factor in documentation that was not originally submitted with your initial application or most recent renewal, etc.) is $20.

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