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Tip of the Week: What's an Official CPR/First Aid Card?

When looking for a CPR/First Aid course to attend please verify BEFORE registering for the class that an official certification card from one of the following five agencies will be issued: American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, EMS Safety Services or Medic First Aid. What we mean by “official” is that the card comes directly from one of the five listed agencies, not from the CPR business conducting the training. 

It can be confusing to know what is, and what isn’t, an “official” card because some CPR training businesses issue self-printed certification cards with their own company name and logo listed. The cards often also contain a statement similar to this: “This program adheres to the latest 2015 ECC and National American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR/AED/First Aid and meets OSHA compliance standards for workplace health and safety training.” While the training is likely valid, the certification card is not as per Registry and Licensing policies. 

All CPR training companies have the ability to issue the official card from the agency they received their certification through (i.e., the 5 listed above). Make your investment of time and money count! The best way to ensure that you receive the correct card is to notify the business when you register that you work in child care and are taking this class to meet licensing requirements. If they are informed of this, they will know that you need an official card, not one of their unofficial business-issued certification cards. 

Please note that unofficial certification cards will not be accepted by the Registry or by Child Care Licensing. If an unofficial CPR card is submitted with your initial membership application, your application is considered incomplete and you will be notified via email. If this happens, do not retake another CPR/First Aid class. Simply contact the business you took the class from and ask them to issue you an official card. Keep in mind that you can also contact the Registry to find out if a card is official or not. When in doubt, ASK! 

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