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Tip of the Week (Trainers): Early Childhood vs. Topic Trainer

A new trainer approval and qualifications process was launched in January 2017. Individuals seeking to become an approved trainer with The Nevada Registry may qualify as either an Early Childhood (ECE) Trainer or as a Topic Trainer; the biggest difference being that Topic Trainers are limited to provide training in topics specific to their area(s) of specialization, whereas ECE Trainers are not. ECE Trainers can provide training in all 8 Core Knowledge Areas. However, certain restrictions apply with regard to initial training requirements and medically-based trainings. For example, though an ECE Trainer could provide general health and safety training, as per State Child Care Licensing regulations, he/she could not provide Signs and Symptoms of Illness training (which falls under the Health, Nutrition & Safety CKA) unless he/she is also a licensed health care professional. All of this is taken into consideration when making determinations about trainer and training approval.

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