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Tip of the Week: You've Got Mail!

Did you know that email correspondence is the most frequently used method of communication by The Nevada Registry? Don’t miss out on important updates, opportunities and membership benefits simply because you don’t have an email address on file with us!

Look what you are missing:
• Immediate verification of compliance with Child Care Licensing
• Time-sensitive information
• Important deadlines
• Membership promotions and incentives

Get Connected with Email! 
Setting up an email account is easy, and the best part is that once it’s set up, you don’t even need a computer of your own to check for mail. Email can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available - a friend’s house, the library, a computer at work and even on your phone!
There are many companies that allow you to set up a free (yes, FREE) email account, all you need is internet access and a few minutes of your time.  The following are only several of the websites that offer great free email services:,, If you are a student at a community college or university, your institution may provide you with a free email account. You might also be able to set up a free account through your internet service provider. Regardless of which email provider you choose, setting up a free email account is easy! Simply visit the website of your choice, look for the link to “mail” and follow the steps to set up a new account.

Don’t miss another important message from The Nevada Registry! Sign up for an email account today. Once you do, contact our office to update your account. Call (800) 259-1906 or email your address to:

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