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Tip of the Week (Trainers): Generational Differences in Training

In her book, Best Practices for Training Early Childhood Professionals, Sharon Bergen addresses the importance of considering generational influences in training.

  • Baby boomers "tend to value authority figures and subject matter experts. They are more familiar with the trainer-as-lecturer approach to instruction and may be reluctant to engage in training games, simulations, and other activities that they see as more closely linked with fun than learning.... are most likely to show reluctance to use technology for learning."
  • Generation X-ers "are naturally skeptical and tend to offer questions and even challenge the information presented to them. Because this generation places high value on flexibility, you should try to provide as much choice as possible in training times, location, and methods of training."
  • Millennials "place high value on team activities, use technology eagerly, and expect to learn new things throughout their lives. They want consistent feedback and praise and enjoy fast-paced learning activities.

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