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Tip of the Week: Incomplete Application Policy

Have you ever been frustrated about receiving your application back because it was incomplete or because you were subject to the late fee and only had two days to respond? Well, great news! We have changed our policy for incomplete applications and late renewal forms. We are no longer mailing your application back after two business days. Instead, we are now giving you up to 15 business days to complete the application process giving you additional time to submit what is needed to complete the application process. Please note that if your application remains incomplete after the 15 business days, your application will be safely shredded and recycled, requiring you to re-initiate the application process in order to complete the application process and ensure compliance with Child Care Licensing (if applicable). If you recently submitted an application or renewal, be sure to check your email for a status confirmation. If your application or renewal is incomplete, you will also receive a phone call/voicemail from our office regarding your application. Feel free to communicate with us regarding your application status - we are here to assist you!

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