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Tip of the Week (Trainers): Missed Instruction Time

It is the professional responsibility of training attendees to arrive to training on time and to remain present for the entire training. Please remember that anyone who was not present at your training and/or who missed more than a total of 15 minutes due to late arrival or early departure should not be issued a Certificate of Completion. We recognize that this can be a difficult conversation to have with individuals who very often have legitimate reasons for their late arrival/early departure. However, the issuance of child care training hours is based on actual instruction time and requires that individuals be present for all of the training, regardless of the reason/circumstance.

Below are a few tips that have been shared with us from registered trainers which can help to reduce conflict:
1. Make your expectations known ahead of time. Include the late arrival/early departure policy on your flyers, in your registration materials, etc.
2. If an individual arrives more than 15 minutes late, welcome him/her to remain at the training, despite not earning child care training hours. Professional development should be about more than clock hours.
3. Lock the door after the training has begun, post a sign indicating that the training is in progress and late arrivals are not permitted.

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