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Tip of the Week: Registry ID Numbers

Have you ever wondered if you’ll be assigned a new Registry ID when re-joining The Nevada Registry after a lapse in membership? The answer is, no. When you initially applied to The Nevada Registry, a unique ID was assigned to your account.  This number remains your personal Registry ID number indefinitely, regardless of how long you’ve been a member and/or how long your account has been inactive. To renew your membership with the Registry, you do not need to start over! Simply complete and submit an Update/Renewal Form letting us know what has changed since the last time you applied/renewed, along with any completed professional and educational accomplishments (i.e., degrees earned, college courses completed, training taken, etc.). If your membership has been expired for more than 30 days, payment of $25 will also be required at the time of your renewal application to reinstate your account, but regardless of how long your membership has been expired, your Registry ID will always be the same as the one issued when you initially applied. 

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