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Tip of the Week: Release of Information

Why does The Nevada Registry ask for a Release of Information on the Membership Application and Update/Renewal Form? By checking the box on the form, you grant The Nevada Registry permission to release your name and contact information to organizations that would like to notify ECE professionals of upcoming training events, special offer/events, membership prizes, limited scholarship opportunities, etc. While granting permission is completely optional, you could be missing out on some really great opportunities and benefits. For example, the Office of Early Learning and Development recognizes advancement on the Career Ladder with Lakeshore prize packages. If you experience an increase, but don’t have a release on file, your name will not be released to the OELD and your opportunity to receive the gift will pass! 

If you aren’t sure whether you’ve provided a release in the past, contact our office to find out. If you’d like to grant our office permission, check the box on the signature page of your next Update/Renewal Form or fill out the Release of Information Form and fax it back to our office at (775) 857-3158. You never know what you might be missing!

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