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Tip of the Week (Trainers): Training Request Form Time-Out Feature

It happens to the best of us! We’ve spent time entering information into the new online approval request form but before finishing/submitting it, we get called away for an extended period of time only to find out that upon our return, the system has timed out (for security reasons) and now we have to start completely over. So frustrating! The online submission system doesn’t currently allow you to stop, save and return in the middle of a request. That functionality may be available in the future, but in the meantime, as much as possible, try to begin a new request only when you know you’ll have adequate time to complete it (it won’t time out if you are actively working in it). Another option is to type your answers into a Word document (see fillable PDF template) and then copy and paste the information from the template into the online request form when you are ready to submit.