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Attention Trainers! New Attendance Tracking Feature Now Available

The Nevada Registry's new attendance tracking feature is now available! 

The attendance tracking feature allows completed Registry-approved training to be added to the membership accounts of active Registry members within approximately one week of attending an in-person training session. Commonly referred to as "real time" data tracking, this is a significant benefit to professionals working in Early Childhood programs who will now have a more accurate and up to date record of their completed professional development.

The new attendance tracking feature is available from within the 'My Trainer Account' section of your Online Portal. Learn more about the new attendance tracking feature here.

YOU are critical to the success of this new membership benefit. Please take a moment at the beginning of each Registry-approved training session to inform your attendees about the new attendance feature, let them know why it is important and how they will benefit from knowing and providing their Registry ID number at each Registry-approved training session attended.

Please note that all trainers are required to begin submitting attendance electronically via their Online Portal as of May 1, 2020.  

Contact Krystal Doyle with any questions.