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New Data Transfer Partnership with ChildCare Education Institute

The Nevada Registry has entered into a data transfer partnership with the ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) to begin electronically importing completed Registry-approved online CCEI training into the membership accounts of active Registry members. Beginning in July 2019, this import will occur on a weekly basis through a secure data transfer process. 

What this means is that Registry-approved CCEI training that you complete will be automatically added to your Registry membership account within a week of completing it without having to submit a physical paper copy of the Certificate of Completion upon your annual membership renewal with The Nevada Registry. This also means that it will be included in the Summary of Completed Registry-Approved Training on File that is viewable in the “Training Documentation” section of your Online PortalNOTE: In order for a completed Registry-approved CCEI training to be electronically imported into your membership account, you must have included your Nevada Registry ID number in your CCEI account. Training completed by CCEI users without a Nevada Registry membership ID on file with CCEI will not be imported into Registry membership accounts until your ID has been added.  

Adding your Nevada Registry ID # to your CCEI Training Account:

  1. Log in to your Nevada Registry Online Portal to verify your Registry ID #
  2. Log in to CCEI to add it to your account
  3. Once logged in to your CCEI account:
    • Go to: Edit Personal Settings (Under ‘My Professional Development Resources’)
    • Click on the ‘Registry’ tab 
    • Enter your Registry ID # in the corresponding text field
    • Save your changes

Completed CCEI training will be added to your Nevada Registry membership account during the next regularly scheduled data import.  Imported training will be added to your training transcript but will not be factored into your Career Ladder Level (if applicable) until your next membership renewal. 

Feel free to contact our office with any questions about the new data import process for Registry-approved CCEI online training.