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Important Notice Regarding CPR and First Aid Training

As of June 1, 2016:

CPR/First Aid training will be recognized by Child Care Licensing and The Nevada Registry for Career Ladder placement ONLY when it is taken from an instructor issuing an official certification card from one of the following 5 agencies:

• American Heart Association
• American Red Cross
• American Safety and Health Institute
• EMS Safety Services
• Medic First Aid

What does it mean?
This means that when completing CPR and First Aid trainings, you will no longer receive a Certificate of Completion with a Registry approval code, nor will an approval code be listed on your certification card (applies to CPR/First Aid training only).

How can I be sure that the official card will be issued?
Contact the instructor to confirm which card will be issued BEFORE registering for the class. If he/she cannot guarantee that an official card will be issued, DO NOT TAKE THE TRAINING! Make your investment of time and money count! CPR/First Aid training will be applied toward the requirements for Child Care Licensing/Career Ladder Placement with The Nevada Registry ONLY when the official cards of the above-named national training organizations are issued.

How can I find a CPR instructor?
Individual CPR/First Aid trainings will no longer be listed on The Nevada Registry’s Training Calendar, but you will still be able to easily find an instructor who issues official certification cards by visiting the new “CPR Instructor Listing” located on the Training Calendar page of the Registry’s website. The CPR Instructor Listing will be available June 1, 2016.

Contact the Registry with any questions.

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