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Current Application Turn Around Time

The Nevada Registry recently completed Partnership Eligibility Review (PER); an accreditation-like process through the National Workforce Registry Alliance whereby policies and procedures were reviewed, updated, created and aligned with best practices for registries. One of the biggest changes that came about from this process is related to how college transcripts are entered into our database. Previously, transcripts were reviewed and the sum of all ECE credits was entered as a single total into each member’s Career Development file. Course-level information was not entered, nor were the total number of college credits earned. However, as of January 2016, each ECE college course, institution name, accrediting body and the date a degree was conferred is now being entered into the database separately. The total number of college credits is also being calculated. This results in a much more comprehensive amount of information contained within each member’s file and a much more complete picture of the educational background of our membership as a whole. While this information does not generally affect previously-issued Career Ladder levels, it has significantly increased the data entry time required for each file, particularly with regard to renewals. Whereas the processing/turnaround time for renewal applications was previously one week or less, the turnaround time for renewals is currently often closer to 3-4 weeks. Though the processing time is longer than what you may have experienced before, you can still count on receiving your Certificate of Achievement no later than 30 days from the day it is received in our office. In the meantime, the confirmation email that is sent to you when we receive your complete application can serve as verification of your compliance with Child Care Licensing for mandatory participation.

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