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Member Spotlight - Diane Nicolet

This month in honor of our yearlong 15th anniversary celebration, we recognize Diane Nicolet with E.L. Cord Child Care Center at Truckee Meadows Community College. She is another one of our Registry VIPs who has maintained an active membership with The Nevada Registry since the beginning. This is what Diane had to say about how The Nevada Registry has positively influenced Early Childhood in Nevada and what her membership personally means:

I am honored to approach 15 years of Registry membership. As you know, I have pushed back through the years on Registry requirements. I am certain you always knew that my questions represented a voice for my early care and education colleagues. I never doubted that the Registry team worked hard to raise the professional understanding of the ECE profession in Nevada. Sometimes the “bar” was raised so high we felt choked; alas, ECE professionals keep moving forward. Thank you for all that you do for our profession; even when it’s a touch painful. 

Thank you Diane for being part of our journey and for appreciating that change can be hard, even if it is good! We have always valued your feedback and thank you for your continued membership with The Nevada Registry!