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You Spoke, We Listened!

Now that The Nevada Registry is no longer printing the Membership Application or Update/Renewal Forms (in preparation of transitioning to a paperless system), we’re relying on our members (and prospective members) to download the forms and print them using their own equipment.

One of the concerns we hear is because the application is full of color from front to back, printing is a drain on the ink supplies of your personal printers. Good news! To minimize the amount of ink needed to print the applications, we have redesigned both forms! Now, the only pages that are in color are the cover and the back page, neither of which need to be printed/submitted. The pages in between, that matter, were converted to black and white significantly decreasing the amount of ink needed to print your application. 

To make it really easy to distinguish the old full-color versions from the new and improved black and white versions, we went ahead and redesigned the covers of both forms while we were at it! Check out the new versions now available on the ‘Forms’ page of the website. Please discontinue using/recycle any previous versions of the old forms. Out with the old, in with the new!