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Online Membership Portal Coming Soon!

Do you need to verify your membership with The Nevada Registry? Have you moved? Would you like to see a list of the Registry-approved training on file in your Registry account? If so, GOOD NEWS! In the VERY near future, you will be able to do all of this AND MORE from within your own Online Portal membership account. 

That is right! For the first time in Registry history, as an active member of The Nevada Registry, you will have access to the information contained in your membership account. Not only will you have the ability to log into your account to update your contact information, you will be able to:

  • Update your employment. Currently, most members update their employment annually with their membership renewal, even if their employment changed prior to renewing. It is very important that your most current place of employment be on file - especially if you work in a facility participating in QRIS. This new feature will make it quick and easy to update your account.  
  • View and print a copy of your current membership certificate. Have you ever misplaced the certificate that was mailed to you? No worries – you will be able to print another one yourself! No need to pay for a replacement certificate – you will be able to download a copy yourself!  
  • Send a membership status/confirmation email. Verifying your active membership with the Registry will be easier than ever before. You will simply log in to your account and send a status email to whomever you like! 
  • View the documented education on file in your account. This section of your Online Portal will show you the information used to calculate your Career Ladder level. 
  • View the documented Registry-approved training on file in your account. This section will show you all of the training you have supplied to The Nevada Registry since you joined. 
  • Print a transcript of all training on file. Your transcript can be used to document your professional development and will be a great addition to your resume that can be shared with prospective employers. 
  • Access your Professional Development Plan. You will be able to access your membership account AND your PDP using the same user name and password, creating a seamless/single point of entry. 

This new feature will launch as part of our 15th anniversary and we are more excited than ever to bring this membership benefit to you! It is only a matter of time. Keep your eyes on The Nevada Registry’s NEWS page for the official announcement. Instructions for creating your new Online Portal account will be provided at that time. In the meantime, make sure you have a valid and current email address on file. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO ACCESS YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT. 

Provide/Update your email address now

What to Expect:

Once the new online membership portal launches, you will no longer receive a physical certificate or membership card in the mail – everything you need will be available to you digitally with the click of a few buttons from within your Online Portal. Not only is this an important step in moving us toward becoming a completely paperless system, it helps us reduce our environmental footprint while bringing new and improved membership benefits to you!  

Additional Features Coming Soon: 
The following new services and features are currently under development and are slated to launch over the course of the next year and a half - two years. While tentative release dates have been indicated, all target dates listed below are subject to change.

  • Online membership renewal process. Soon, you will also be able to renew your membership online. No more postage costs and postal service delivery delays! When you are eligible to renew, a link to the online renewal form will automatically appear within your Online Portal. Stay tuned to the NEWS page for this exciting announcement as well! Tentative Target Date: Fall 2019
  • Live data tracking. Currently, training in your membership account is only updated on an annual basis (and only if you provide certificates of completion with your membership application/renewal). Once our new attendance-tracking feature is launched, your membership account will be updated as training is completed. If you have not already done so, memorize your Registry ID number (located in your Online Portal) and be prepared to provide it when attending Registry-approved training sessions in the future!  Tentative Target Date: Winter 2019
  • Online initial membership application process. As part of our continual transition to a paperless system, new applicants will also be able to submit their initial Membership Application online through the Online Portal. Tentative Target Date: Summer 2020
  • Job Board access. To further streamline the various services provided by The Nevada Registry, users with administrative rights to an employer’s Job Board account will be able to access their Job Board account with the same user name and password used to access their Online Portal. Tentative Target Date: Fall 2020 
  • Center Listings. Users with administrative rights at a facility will be able to access a list of all Registry members associated with their program and make changes to staff listings as needed. This new feature will expedite the process of verifying membership statuses for QRIS and Child Care Licensing and will be available through the Online Portal. Target Date: Fall 2020 

Download/Print the Online Portal Announcement Flyer