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Online Membership Renewal Process Coming Soon

An exciting new service will be available to active members of The Nevada Registry in the very near future - the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL PROCESS! This new feature will be available no later than July 31st.

An online renewal process means no more copying, mailing costs or postal service delivery delays - the entire process can be completed electronically, including uploading your training and educational documents. Not only does this next step in our continued transition to becoming a paperless system save everyone time and money, it is just plain good for the environment! Please note, only the online RENEWAL process will be available by the end of the month. See details below for information about when the online application process will be available for NEW members.

What to Expect:

  • Renewal Reminder Notices: Members will continue to receive renewal reminder notices via email approximately 4-6 weeks prior to, 2 weeks prior to and again on the day that their membership certificate expires. In each instance, they will be directed to their Online Portal to renew their membership. Each member is responsible for completing his/her own membership renewal.
  • Time Savings: Members who completed the renewal process during our testing period reported an average of 10-15 minutes to complete the entire process. They also reported very few problems with updating their information or with uploading their training and education documents.
  • Cost Savings: No more postage costs!
  • Quick Turnaround Time and Quicker Access to Membership Certificates: The anticipated processing turnaround time for online renewals is just 1-2 weeks. Just like now, members will be notified via email when their renewal has been processed, but they no longer have to wait to receive their certificate in the mail. In fact, current membership certificates are now available to view, download and print from within your Online Portal at any time, as often as you would like, at no charge!  
  • Environmental Friendliness: Once we launch, we will no longer accept any version of the paper applications from the past. Please recycle all paper copies that you have on hand and complete the membership renewal process via your Online Portal when you are eligible. 

What You Can do NOW to Help Prepare for the Transition:

  • Help us spread the word by telling your colleagues that an online renewal process is coming. The more members that know, the better!
  • Ensure that you have an email address on file with The Nevada Registry. This will be the only way to receive renewal reminders, access the Online Portal to view and print your membership certificate and submit your  online renewal in the future. Click here for helpful information about obtaining a free email account.
  • Familiarize yourself with your Online Portal. When you are eligible to renew, a red renewal tab will appear within your account - another great reminder to renew on time. This video tutorial provides a great overview of the Online Portal. 
  • If you do not have access to the internet or a computer at home, ask your employer for permission to log into your Online Portal using a computer at your work site (and complete the online renewal process when you are eligible). 

What is Coming Next?

The online membership renewal process is the first in a series of new services that will be available to our members in the future. Check out what you can expect to see down the road:

  • Online INITIAL membership application process for NEW members. As part of our continual transition to a paperless system, new applicants will also be able to submit their initial Membership Application online through the Online Portal. For now, please continue to submit initial Membership Applications in paper copy via the mail.  
  • Center Listings. Users with administrative rights at a facility will be able to access a list of all Registry members associated with their program and make changes to staff listings as needed. This new feature will expedite the process of verifying membership statuses for QRIS and Child Care Licensing and will be available through the Online Portal.
  • Live data tracking. Currently, training in your membership account is only updated on an annual basis (and only if you provide certificates of completion with your membership application/renewal). Once our new attendance-tracking feature is launched, your membership account will be updated electronically within several days of completing Registry-approved training. If you have not already done so, memorize your Registry ID number (located in your Online Portal) and be prepared to provide it when attending Registry-approved training sessions in the future! 
  • Job Board access. To further streamline the various services provided by The Nevada Registry, users with administrative rights to an employer's Job Board account will be able to access their Job Board account with the same user name and password used to access their Online Portal.

Stay tuned to our NEWS and Facebook pages for updates as new services are launched. 

Feel free to contact our office at any time with questions about the Online Portal or the upcoming online membership renewal process.