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The Nevada Registry Receives National Recognition

The Nevada Registry just achieved Partnership Eligibility Review (PER) through the National Workforce Registry Alliance! PER is a voluntary process that registries can participate in to determine their level of "readiness" for participation in data-related projects at the national level that inform policy or support quality initiatives. Likened to the accreditation process that centers go through to achieve national accreditation through NAEYC, NAFCC, etc., PER involves a rigorous self-study that challenges programs to assess their current policies and operational procedures to ensure they are aligned with best practices for registries as defined by the Alliance. As one of only 12 states who have completed the PER process to date, this is an achievement we are very proud of as it demonstrates a commitment to our own continuous quality improvement. Our PER approval was officially awarded by Alliance President, Phyllis Kalifeh, during the annual Alliance conference last week in Orlando, Florida.

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