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Fraud Alert!

Our office has been informed that at least one child care program in the Las Vegas area was contacted on 8/19/15 by an individual soliciting wage information. This individual identified herself as a representative of The Nevada Registry but did not provide her name. In a 2nd call to the corporate office, the individual stated she was unable to leave a call back number because the call was being made on a “one-way line”. The call was recorded and tracked back to this number: TOLL FREE CALLER (888-736-4988).

Please be aware that The Nevada Registry IS NOT conducting a wage survey at this time and that no one from our office is soliciting this type of information from programs, nor have we hired/contracted anyone to solicit this information on our behalf. When Registry staff members attempt to contact members or trainers at their place of employment to obtain specific information regarding a membership application or a training approval request, we will:

  • ALWAYS ask to speak directly to the individual.
  • ALWAYS leave our name and a call back phone number.
  • NEVER make calls on a one-way line.

Any time you receive a call from The Nevada Registry, please ask the individual calling to identify him/herself and do not provide any information to anyone unless you have first verified that you are speaking to an official staff member of the Registry.

Please notify our office toll-free at 800-259-1906 if you receive a call of this nature and/or have any further information to help identify the individual fraudulently representing herself as an employee of The Nevada Registry. If you have caller ID, please also make note of the number the call comes from.

Thank you!
Shelly Nye, Program Director

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