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Online Membership Renewal Process NOW AVAILABLE!

The Nevada Registry’s new online membership renewal process is now available to all members currently eligible to renew*. If you are eligible to renew your membership and have not already mailed or dropped off a paper renewal form, simply log in to your Online Portal to initiate the renewal process (at this time, only the renewal process is available. New applications must still be submitted via the mail in paper form). 

The online renewal process means no more copying, mailing costs or postal service delivery delays. The entire process can be completed electronically, including uploading your training and educational documents and takes on average, just 10-15 minutes to complete! Please disregard all previous renewal reminder notices directing you to download the paper Update/Renewal Form and complete the online renewal process online via your Online Portal instead*. 

We have even created a new video tutorial to walk you through the new online renewal process. Click on the link below to start watching it now. 

Video Tutorial – Submitting an Online Membership Renewal

NOTE: As of this date, the Update/Renewal Form is no longer available to download from our website or pick up from our office. Please recycle all paper copies that you have on hand and complete the membership renewal process via your Online Portal (when you are eligible).

*If you are eligible to renew you will see a red renewal tab below the 'My Membership Profile' tab in your membership account. If your membership has been expired for more than 30 days, you will be prompted to submit the $25 reinstatement fee before proceeding.