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New Trainer and Trainer Renewal Period Now Open

The new trainer application and trainer renewal period for the 2019 calendar year is now open!

New TrainersContact The Nevada Registry to request access to the initial trainer application. 

2018 Approved/Renewing Trainers: Log into your User Portal account. If you are eligible* to initiate the trainer renewal process, you will see a red tab labeled “Trainer Renewal Application”.

Please note that trainer renewal is a two-step process:

  • First: You must have delivered a minimum of four Registry-approved training sessions during the 2018 calendar year in order to initiate the trainer renewal process. If you delivered fewer than four, you will not see the red "Trainer Renewal Application" tab. You will be eligible to renew your trainer approval status in January 2020. 

  • Second: If you delivered four or more training sessions, you will be able to access your trainer renewal application. Once you have initiated the renewal process, you must attach documentation verifying the completion of 15 hours of continuing education, which must include three hours in an adult learning course selected from The Nevada Registry's list of acceptable courses. If you did not meet the continuing education requirements in full by December 31st, you will be eligible to renew your trainer approval status in January 2020.    

*ECE trainers must have an active Registry membership in order to be able to renew their trainer renewal status. If you are eligible for trainer renewal (based on the number of training sessions delivered in 2018), the red tab containing the trainer renewal application will appear after your membership account is in good standing.