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Attention Trainers: 5 Week Countdown

The end of the calendar year is rapidly approaching. Are you on track to meet the annual trainer renewal requirements by December 31st? If not, there are still five weeks left in the calendar year to deliver four Registry-approved training sessions and complete 15 hours of continuing education (three of which must be in adult learning).

If you have not already delivered four Registry-approved sessions, please log into your User Portal today to determine the total number of Registry-approved training sessions you will need to deliver by December 31st in order to be eligible to renew your trainer approval status in the coming year. Please note that training sessions approved but not yet delivered are not factored into your total. 

*Trainers who do not fully meet both requirements by December 31, 2018 will not be eligible to renew their trainer approval status until January 2020. Exceptions will not be made.